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Sure House Coffee Roasting Co.

Our Story

Sure House Coffee Roasting Co. is a locally owned business whose owners reside and operate their business in Wooster. They have a deep passion for buying locally produced products and take pride in being able to help produce a local product with fair trade and organic origins.


Having roasted since the end of 2011, Eric and Elizabeth opened the Sure House Coffee Roasting Co. storefront in 2016. The coffee company focuses on buying only single origin beans from a variety of regions around the world. Each of their featured coffees has an individual story and background, whether its grown in a biosphere reserve, through a cooperative or on a fair trade organic farm. They strive to produce a superior coffee product while helping out other small business owners from all over the globe.


Sure House Coffee Roasting Co. beans are exclusively air roasted to bring out the flavor and integrity of the bean, not burn it to a crisp. Small batch roasting also ensures that each bean is consistently and congruently roasted by the end of the roast, making sure that each sip was as good as the last!


Overall, Sure House Coffee Roasting Co. just want to bring our customers a better cup of coffee and as the business grows Eric and Liz can rest assured that their fellow community members are drinking a fresh and delicious cup of joe.

Sure House Coffee Roasting Co.
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